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If you have a debt problem we can help.  We will provide the services of a Civil Debt Settlement Negotiator to assist you in settling any disputed amounts up to $25,000.00.

Customarily we work with business suppliers and contractors, sub-contractors and their customers in the construction industry.  We do have clients in other business fields and a few personal cases come across our desk from time to time.  We are not a Credit Counseling company and do not handle credit card debts.


Debt Negotiation

The purpose of our company is to solve financial disagreements between parties who, because of their inability to communicate with each other, can not come to a reasonable agreement or settlement on their own.  Paul Heider will act as a Civil Debt Settlement Negotiator, talk with both parties individually, help them arrive at a reasonable financial conclusion, and provide full documentation of their final agreement.


In our research of the Rutherford County area we have found that there are virtually no resources for creditors and debtors to help them in settling their money problems privately, and out of court.  Paul Heider fills that need, offering to negotiate with people, arrive at a reasonable settlement that will satisfy all parties, and do it for an economically attractive price.


The scope of our company is limited to Civil Debt Negotiation Settlements.  We do not render legal advice We are not a collection agency, accountants or lawyers.  We do not handle anyone's money.  We are not Arbitrators so our negotiations are not binding, which means that either party can quit the negotiation process at any time before the final agreement is signed, at no cost.


We solve your debt problem based on two words; reason and fairness.  Our negotiator will listen to the needs and concerns of both parties and suggest how their agreement can be best constructed.  When both parties feel that they have come to the best settlement that can be reached, we draw up the documentation, get the proper signatures and the settlement check is delivered to the creditor.


Our fee structure is based on the industry standard of 35% of what we save for our client, the debtor; the person who owes the money.

The creditor, the person who is owed the money pays nothing to us for our services!

It's pretty simple.  The greater the reduction of the disputed amount the creditor agrees to waive increases the chances that the creditor will recover most of his money. 

The more money we can save our clients, the greater the chances of them accepting the creditor's settlement offer. 

As a result, both parties are satisfied and will avoid the very public, lengthy and costly court process.

We hope to assist you, debtor or creditor, when the need arises.




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